Do’s and Don’ts of Lawn Maintenance

If you have no idea how to take care of your lawn, it’s best to just contact lawn care providers near you. But if you really want to start maintaining your own lawn, of course, you may do so; just be mindful of the things you must and mustn’t do in doing your lawn maintenance responsibilities. If not, you are risking ruining your lawn.


To help you out, here are the basic dos and don’ts of lawn care you should keep in mind:




Do water your lawn regularly. Just like other plants, your lawn needs water to thrive. Water at least once a week all year long; except during the summer season. During summer, water your lawn at least three times a week to keep it well hydrated.


Do fertilize your lawn. Proper fertilization will give you a greener, healthier lawn. Fertilizer should be applied after you have mowed your lawn.


Do practice being patient. Give your lawn time to grow. Once you have fertilized your lawn, refrain from disturbing it over and over again to check for growth or any changes. It will take days for the fertilizer to do its job.




Don’t walk on your lawn. Walking on your lawn will crush the grass. Upon building your lawn, you should designate a walkway where you can walk instead.


Don’t remove the grass clippings after mowing. These grass clippings have special properties such as nutrients that will benefit your lawn. Distribute the clippings if you want your lawn to look even, but don’t remove it. Grass clippings can also serve as mulch – which is perfect for battling weed growth and retaining moisture in your lawn.


Don’t cut your grass too short. Cutting your grass too short might result in having bare soil on your lawn that could promote weed growth.