Do’s and Don’ts of Lawn Maintenance

If you have no idea how to take care of your lawn, it’s best to just contact lawn care providers near you. But if you really want to start maintaining your own lawn, of course, you may do so; just be mindful of the things you must and mustn’t do in doing your lawn maintenance responsibilities. If not, you are risking ruining your lawn.


To help you out, here are the basic dos and don’ts of lawn care you should keep in mind:




Do water your lawn regularly. Just like other plants, your lawn needs water to thrive. Water at least once a week all year long; except during the summer season. During summer, water your lawn at least three times a week to keep it well hydrated.


Do fertilize your lawn. Proper fertilization will give you a greener, healthier lawn. Fertilizer should be applied after you have mowed your lawn.


Do practice being patient. Give your lawn time to grow. Once you have fertilized your lawn, refrain from disturbing it over and over again to check for growth or any changes. It will take days for the fertilizer to do its job.




Don’t walk on your lawn. Walking on your lawn will crush the grass. Upon building your lawn, you should designate a walkway where you can walk instead.


Don’t remove the grass clippings after mowing. These grass clippings have special properties such as nutrients that will benefit your lawn. Distribute the clippings if you want your lawn to look even, but don’t remove it. Grass clippings can also serve as mulch – which is perfect for battling weed growth and retaining moisture in your lawn.


Don’t cut your grass too short. Cutting your grass too short might result in having bare soil on your lawn that could promote weed growth.

What Should You Look for in a Landscaping Company

Mowing the lawn is something that seems so easy – even some kids can do it for a weekly allowance. But sometimes, we don’t have spare time to do it ourselves, we don’t have the mowing equipment, or we just can’t do it right that we take the most logical step – hire professionals. 

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You can easily find professional lawn care providers over the internet or through personal referrals from your friends or relatives.


There are some lawn care providers that require a year-long contract to be signed and there are others that are happy with being on call lawn mowers where you can just contact them each time you have lawn mowing needs.


But before you go on signing any contract, there are important things you should look for in a lawn care company to ensure that you won’t be tricked into agreeing into something that could give you problems in the future.


Proper insurance and licenses should be among the first things you look for in a lawn care company. If your lawn care provider has proper insurance and license, it will give you a sense of security because it means that in case any worker gets into an accident while mowing your lawn, it will not be your responsibility. If your provider is also insured, it might be a sign that they are taking the job seriously since they are willing to invest in something that will protect both them and their clients.


A positive customer review is another important thing to look for. Don’t hesitate to ask for feedback from previous clients to check any red flags such low quality work, missing or broken valuables from the property, rude workers, and the likes.


Don’t forget to look for realistic pricing from providers. Many lawn care companies offer a free quote after a lawn inspection; take advantage of this offer.

Reasons You Should Hire Professionals to Take Care of Your Lawn

When it comes to houses or residential properties, nothing beats a well-groomed lawn in making a good first impression. It’s undeniable that having a well trimmed, healthy, and lush lawn can easily attract anyone. Taking care of your lawn seems easy enough, but should you really do it yourself? Or would it be wiser to hire professionals to tend to your lawn for you?


Other homeowners might argue that mowing your own lawn is better than hiring professionals – after all, why spend money when you know exactly what to do, right? But, if you really think about it, there are actually many good reasons why you should hire lawn mowers to do the job instead.


One of the best reasons to hire a professional lawn mowing company is that because doing so will save you time and energy. Although lawn mowing doesn’t seem to be particularly tiring, you can still use the time to do some more enjoyable things instead – such as bonding with your family or running other errands. When you have professional lawn mowers to tend to your front yard, you don’t need to fit lawn mowing into your already busy schedule.


The truth is, you can save more money if you hire a company to mow your lawn rather than mowing it yourself because you don’t have to buy the expensive mowing equipment. High-quality mowing equipment can cost a lot, and it might not be a good investment if you are just planning to use it twice a month. If you hire experts from a mowing company, they already have the equipment and are well versed in operating it.


Additionally, if you opt to mow your own lawn and buy the necessary equipment, you have to maintain them as well. You have to clean them regularly and ensure that they are in good condition.


Lastly, practiced lawn mowers are skilled at what they do and you can almost be sure that they can do the job faster, better, and more efficiently than you.


Importance of Proper Lawn Maintenance

You decorate your home and keep each and every room neat and clean, and while your lawn is not usually somewhere you spend time in, you still need to keep it as neat and as clean as the interior of your house.


There are so many reasons you should keep your lawn well-manicured and cared for.


One reason is that your lawn is the first part of your property people outside see. Sadly, no matter how you try and convince people not to judge a book by its cover, it’s inevitable that some would still judge you by the state of your lawn. Having a lawn that is clearly well taken care of can immediately reflect your personality and show that you take responsibility for every part of your property.


In addition, if your lawn is regularly watered and cut or mowed, you decrease the chances of your family members suffering from grass or pollen allergies. Water your lawn at least once every week during early mornings where pollen count is still low. Grass or pollen allergies can result in frequent sneezing, runny nose, and itchiness.


Also, by removing unsightly debris, aside from beautifying your lawn, you are also ensuring that all areas of your lawn will remain healthy. Debris can have an impact on the actual health of your lawn as they can cover some parts and prevent them from receiving the sunlight they need.


Lastly, but certainly not the least, having a lawn that’s well taken care of can help in increasing the value of your property. If you are planning to sell your home in the future, it is quite important that you understand that first impressions have a significant impact on your home’s market value. This is actually one of the reasons why some homeowners go as far as hiring lawn maintenance companies.